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Seasonal champion, the GOAT, by acting as the platform’s top participant. Earn shields by providing fantasy football tips that allow you to climb the leaderboard and gain recognition for your fantasy sports expertise. Each shield is composed in honor of each strong record of achievement on the app. Learn from your ratings – the average accuracy rating of users who picked each player in a weekly match (star rating), as well as the proportion of users who picked each player at the time of that match (Legion rating). The higher the intensity of the triumph per match, the higher the rating increases compared to the rest of the community. Navigating through the app is uncomplicated, the bottom banner allows users to navigate by clicking on the respective icons. Icons include options to choose from user profile, create, reply, rank, and search. A participant’s profile may include a username, brief biography, picture, and direct messages. Generate a unique profile, interact with other users and follow approved fantasy specialists. To showcase a user’s performance while processing matches, activity and accolades will be highlighted. You will be able to see a history of your previous matches, whether you answered them or created them. Subscribe to updates within the Legion Sports community via our newsletter, join our Discord community, or even apply for a Brand Ambassador internship. The app’s non-toxic community proves helpful in succeeding in all fantasy football circuits. Legion Sports offers the largest, fairest and most challenging atmosphere for you to prove your skills and test your knowledge of fantasy football.