“Aren’t we financing the war?” : Fox News reporter confronts Jen Psaki over US oil policy

Fox News’ Jacqui Heinrich asked White House press secretary Jen Psaki about the state of domestic energy production, leading to a terse exchange between the two during a point press Thursday.


Heinrich asked Psaki if there was anything President Joe Biden’s administration was capable of doing that would bring domestic oil suppliers back “to pre-pandemic levels.”

“Do you think the oil companies don’t have enough money to drill on the places that have been pre-approved?” psaki replied

“I’m just asking,” Heinrich replied.

“I will bring this matter to their attention and we can talk more about it tomorrow when you know more,” Psaki said.

Heinrich continued to press Psaki, raising the possibility of opening the Keystone XL pipeline, and asked if the Biden administration could attempt “more energy-friendly policies.”

PSAKI responded by saying that Keystone “has never been operational” and that it would take “years to have an impact”. PSAKI went on to say that opening Keystone is a “proposed solution” that would have “no impact.”

“During these years, prices should be lowered as you say,” Heinrich said, “Do you think we should just keep buying Russian oil?” (RELATED: Nancy Pelosi echoes Republican calls for Russian oil import ban)

PSAKI responded, saying Heinrich was “familiar with a number of steps we have taken,” including a “historic release of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.” When Heinrich tried to intervene, Psaki told him to “let me finish”.

PSAKI went on to say that the United States and Europe should, over time, focus on reducing their “dependence on oil” and investing in “clean energy.”

“As long as we buy Russian oil, aren’t we financing the war? asked Heinrich.

Psaki said oil from Russia is “only about 10% of what we import” and that any action taken by the Biden administration is designed to have the maximum impact on Russian President Vladimir Putin and the minimum. impact on Americans.