AUBURN — The Auburn City Council has discussed a letter of support for Region V Services to keep its carpentry shop active in Auburn.

Councilman Tom Clark said he would like to encourage the 16-county agency to keep lumber stores open in Auburn and David City.

He said the work fulfills Region V Services’ mission to help people with disabilities achieve valued social roles within their communities.

Clark: “I want to occupy those customers over there and give them some kind of a job.”

Region V services general manager Matt Kasik said the workshop model for integrating people with disabilities into employment worked well when it was introduced in the 1980s, but he thinks people are best served today by obtaining jobs within the community.

Of the 60 people served at the Auburn and Falls City sites, five are primarily involved in the carpentry shop. Kasik said these five people are highly skilled and can find work in the community.

Kasik: “By having them work in the carpentry shop, we keep them away from the community, which is not our end goal… We think we keep them in the carpentry shop, whereas they could do more in the community.”

Kasik said a federal contract to produce tool bags in the Nebraska city involves 20 people and is expected to continue.

Kasik: “It’s something that’s continually being evaluated. It’s worked well in the past, but that doesn’t mean it won’t change later.”

The Auburn Carpentry Shop supplies wooden sticks and stakes for several companies.

The city council also recognized Nemaha County Herald editor Darrell Wellman, who will retire in May after 40 years with the newspaper.

Formerly of Burr, the 1977 graduate of Sterling High School graduated from Peru State College, where he was recognized for his academic achievement and inclusion in Who’s Who among American college and university students.

In another action, the revitalization review panel recommended a loan of $23,853 and a grant of $7,951 for the property at 901 Central.

An owner match of $10,602 is required. County records indicate that the Café Metro is located at this location.

The council approved an amendment to the ordinance so that the historic district council could meet on three days’ notice, instead of 10.

Council also discussed automated locks for park gates.

The Mayor read the Arbor Day Proclamation.