Commissioners dealing with short-staffed extension office staff – Akron News-Reporter

The Washington County Board of Commissioners met on Tuesday, May 3. Sean Kennedy said the prayer and he was followed by Pastor Rich Moon, who said a prayer.

Darlene Carpio, representing Congressman Ken Buck, then addressed the commissioners. Rep. Buck voted no on the top $1.5 trillion spending bill. He felt we shouldn’t add this to the national debt, but he also felt the law was bad. The legislature received the bill in the early hours of the morning and it was over 200 pages. It was voted on at noon and we didn’t have time to read the bill. Banning Russian imports was a bill he agreed with. Buck thinks we should use the supplies in the United States. The decision to close some VA hospitals is not fair and Buck has written several letters against this decision.

Carpio has been to a few meetings. One was with CSU staff discussing the extension service. They also meet with the Republican River Council. She attended a meeting regarding the experimental station. They want to merge it with the extension service and it looks like it could happen. They also discussed the proposed reservoirs that are proposed to be built.

Dennis Kaan from the Extension Service spoke about the staffing situation. They would like to use some of the money designated for Gisele Jefferson’s position to be used for a part-time person during the fair. They will also use the $1,500 designated for a high school student during the summer. The commissioners approved the part-time extension aid.

Kaan also presented the document with the position direction for the area manager. This will now be the East region instead of the Northeast region. Kaan was appointed as one of the regional managers. He also reported on some of the employment related changes for the extension service and how they are hiring a lot. The council approved the qualifications of the regional director, so that he could submit them to be used for the service.

County Administrator Misty Peterson then made her report. The first was the 22-12 building permit for T-Mobile to install four antennas at their Woodrow site. It was approved. Next was planning permission 22-13 for T-Mobile to install equipment at their Anton site and it was approved.

Darlene Carpio, representing Congressman Ken Buck, reported to the board.

The council discussed the JBBS contract and the sheriff’s office wants the commissioners to review it. They also discussed the RFQ contract and the commissioner’s willingness to review it and decided to bring a company in for an interview at their next meeting on May 10.

An addendum for independent roofs was discussed. David Frisbee of Independent Roofing was present. They want to add the amount of $2,734,366.96 to be included in the contract. The amendment to the contract has been approved. An update on contracts for storm damage work was given. They collect the last of the contracts and try to do it. Another contract for Independent Roofing has been discussed and they are going to subcontract the county for $423,063.16 to have the county do the work. They are going to set up a meeting with Independent Roofing early next week to discuss this list and see what Independent Roofing wants to do and what the county will do before a final decision is made.

There being no further questions, the meeting was then adjourned.