There is always something exciting happening in the Pacific Northwest (PNW) music scene.

Although we don’t stop to appreciate it often, many great bands and artists hail from or are now based in PNW. Among them: The Shins, Mat Kearney, Ashley Flynn & The Riveters, blues artist Ty Curtis, Sleater-Kinney and many more.

Let’s take a look at what’s going on!

Born in Eugene and now based in Nashville, excellent singer-songwriter Matt Kearney has a lot going for him.

His recent soft-rock release “January Flower” is receiving rave reviews. That’s probably because he still sticks to his winning formula: candid disclosure, superior vocals, and polished pop arrangements.

Attend his show and discover “January Flower”.

Bees In A Bottle, above, has a new album due out this fall.

Portland-based indie-rock duo Bees In A Bottle are a top band to keep on your radar.

Don’t let their beautiful layered vocals fool you, as their songs often touch on serious topics.

They released “Treasures Ugly and Few” last year. Filled with melodious harmonies and well-structured arrangements, standout tracks include “Language” and “Follow.”

The commanding rock track “Liar” is another standout. “Treasures Ugly and Few” confirmed their superiority in the PNW music scene.

Bees In A Bottle has 3 studio records to its credit, including two albums with Grammy award-winning producers.

They are recording their 4th album due out this fall. It is a collection of songs told from the perspective of the women closest to the many male musicians who have died of suicide or drug addiction.

“I wanted to give a voice to the survivor’s perspective,” says band member and songwriter Christine. McAllister. Chad McAllister is the other half of this duo; both are multi-instrumentalists.

Bees in a Bottle has two upcoming shows!

Jhey playing Roland Winery in Longview Washington on April 9th ​​and Flying Fish in Portland on May 14th.

You can find all their music on Bandcamp. Catch them live if you can!

Folk-American artist Eddie Berman currently lives in Portland. An avid reader, Berman’s work is inspired as much by the books he reads as by the hikes he takes in the Portland Forest Park.

Berman’s sometimes gloomy and introspective brand of warm folk-rock is worthy of a wider fan base.

His 2017 “Before the Bridge” is filled with great tracks like the uplifting “Easy Rider” and the mournful “Low Down Curse.”

Berman released “Taurus” last year, and it’s on our playlist.

Who’s up for a Grammy, lives in northern Washington, recently wrote a book, and is currently on tour?

Now on tour, Carlile has shows scheduled in Nashville, Santa Barbara and Red Rocks.

If you haven’t added his latest release “In These Silent Days” to your library, maybe you should head to your favorite record store.

Eugene’s The Muddy Souls blends bluegrass and folk for a winning sound that’s sure to up the vibe quotient at your next social gathering.

The American roots music of the Muddy Souls is uplifting and skillfully executed. Formed in 2018, the 5-member band is constantly working on new music and booking live shows.

This month, keep an eye out for “The Raven”, their new studio album.

Originally from Kentucky, Ashleigh Flynn has been present on the American scene since 2008 with the release of her third album “American Dream”.

His live performances are just as impressive as his studio albums.

Brilliantly blending genres (country, zydeco, rock) and engaging audiences, Flynn and his band The Riveters consistently create charming, central rock that knocks the house down.

Keep an eye on his Twitter feed or website for upcoming shows.

Wow! Fantastic fanbase for this PNW musician.

If you’re new to Veirs, check out his latest album here.

American rockers Sleater-Kinney (Olympia, Washington) have just released “Path of Wellness”. He gets great articles.

PNW-based bands Modest Mouse and The Shins are among the headliners the second annual Just Like Heaven festival in Los Angeles in May.

The American indie rocker’s “Arise from the Bunkers” tour begins in August.

Blitzen Trapper will play Sessions Music Hall in April. photo of Tyler Kohlhoff

Portland’s Blitzen Trapper plays a unique brand of indie-folk-rock and is currently on tour promoting his release “Holy Smokes Future Jokes”.

They were written by people like Rolling Stone and American Songwriter.

“Holy Smokes Future Jokes” was in my Top 10 when it was released (at the height of the pandemic). It’s great to see the band finally get to come out and play some of these great tracks live.

Northwest treasure that is Blitzen Trapper will perform at Eugene’s Sessions Music Hall on Sunday, April 24.

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