KEARNEY, NE – There’s no better way to start a day than with a high-five.

Now make it a high five from a police officer, add some “R and R” with Luna the therapy dog, top it all off with a donut and it’s pretty much perfect no matter how old you are.

“We see a child smile when they see a cop and it makes our day,” said Nathan Dennis, school resource officer. “It’s literally the best part of the day we could ever have.”

On Friday, Park Elementary School in Kearney hosted Donuts with Grownups. For the children, it was a fun way to celebrate the end of the school year. For the police, a chance to show children that officers are ordinary people too.

“We are accessible. They can come to us anytime, have a good chat,” Dennis said. “We will stop at the parks and play games with them. We will do just about everything we can to develop this relationship with these children.

Nathan Dennis is in his first year as a school resource officer and knows many Kearney Public School students. Now he hopes to connect more with parents.

“I love talking to kids,” Dennis said. “I encourage him, any time a parent wants to come in and talk to one of us – there are three of us at Kearney – I encourage you to come talk to us and get to know us.

If you reach out, just remember an officer’s favorite greeting; the high five.