Fox News Ukraine reporter posts shocking videos after Kyiv fighting

Fox News foreign correspondent Trey Yingst was on the streets of Ukraine, documenting and sharing the graphic images on social media the day after Russia’s uprising in Kyiv.

As air raid Sirens sounded in the Ukrainian capital late Friday night, Yingst placed his camera in his bedroom safe to show no signs of wandering life in the usually bustling city below. When morning came, he walked down the abandoned streets, showing the aftermath of the battle.

“Fierce fighting broke out between the Ukrainian army and Russian forces in the streets of Kiev. This truck is riddled with bullets and there is blood on the sidewalk,” he said at the scene. “This morning, a Russian missile hit this building in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev. This gives you an idea of ​​the destruction these weapons can cause. At the moment, Ukraine is appealing to the international community to send air defense systems, because its country is under attack.

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The gruesome footage – which he warned social media users was graphic – showed a truck riddled with bullets and blood in the brick street in several places around it. Although no victims of the shooting are shown, the image nevertheless conveys the danger to the occupants of the vehicle.

As he wandered the “mostly empty” streets, Yingst noted the “long lines of civilians in Kyiv today waiting to pick up weaponsand that the few open grocery stores were “full of people.”

Shortly after, Yingst shared footage of the destruction, including a look at a residential building that was hit by a Russian missile that morning.

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Reporting to Fox News, Yingst said: ‘When we were at the site where this missile hit earlier today, as we walked through the debris, you could see pictures of a family who lives in this compound. apartments – their house completely destroyed. Another example of the most vulnerable population so often caught in the crossfire, as is the case here in Ukraine.

Ukrainian Defense Forces and civilian volunteers were able to slow the advance of more than 150,000 Russian troops invading the country. Russian troops killed at least 198 people and injured at least 1,115, according to Ukraine’s National Guard.

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