GB News reporter SOAKED by crashing waves as Storm Eunice continues to wreak havoc

Bradley Harris was live in Porthcawl, Wales

As Storm Eunice continues to create havoc for many people across the country, GB News reporter Bradley Harris traveled to Porthcawl in Wales to find out the impact of extreme weather – to become himself a victim.

Speaking over breakfast with Stephen and Anne, Bradley gave an update on the country’s travel issues, after all trains in Wales were canceled due to Friday’s storm.

GB News Reporter Bradley Harris

The M48 Severn Bridge remains closed to all traffic following Storm Eunice. A spokesman for Severn Crossings said the bridge would not reopen until a detailed inspection was carried out on Saturday morning. The M4 Prince of Wales Bridge reopened on Friday afternoon. It was believed to be the first time that both crossing points were closed at the same time due to high winds.

Reporting from Wales, Bradley said he ‘can’t see if [the M48] it should be open considering the wind there is”.

“The worst of the storm is far from over. People still have sandbags outside their homes just in case.

Hundreds of thousands of people remain without power and widespread disruption to travel services continues on Saturday following Storm Eunice.

Hundreds of thousands without power after Storm Eunice

A cleanup is set to begin after the storm caused record damage, disruption and gusty winds across the UK and Ireland, killing at least four people.

As of Friday evening, the number of households without electricity listed by suppliers was: 6,000 in Northern Power, 112,000 in Western Power, 260 in Electricity North West, 156,000 in UK Power Networks and 120,000 in Scottish and Southern Networks.

Millions of people were told to stay home on Friday due to safety fears from the impact of Eunice, one of the worst storms to hit the UK in a generation, while the problems of transport have prevented many from traveling.

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