“HI, BABY”: Mom interrupts her journalist son at work

We have all experienced embarrassing situations thanks to our parents.

In the case of Myles Harris, a reporter for ABC6 and FOX28 in Columbus, Ohio, his mother Sandi came by to say hello while he was filming a segment on the lot.

Harris shared footage from last Saturday’s trade on her Instagram account.

In the video, the reporter throws his arms up in the air as an annoyed look grows on his face as his mother pulls up in her vehicle.

“That’s my mom. Wait,” Harris tells cameraman DeAngelo Byrd.

“Hi baby!” Sandi screams from the car.

“I’m trying to work right now,” Harris tells her mother. “You don’t call my phone. It’s DeAngelo, you can say hello.

“Hi, DeAngelo,” Sandi said, waving her hand.

“Don’t block traffic because you have cars behind you,” Harris tells her as she slowly walks away, blowing her son a kiss.

“Did you record this?” Harris asks Byrd, who can be heard laughing.

The video has since gone viral, garnering over 477,000 views on Instagram.

Viewers were quite moved by the exchange between mother and son.

“My mom would absolutely do this,” one person wrote.

“Adorable…nothing like a mom’s love,” another commented.

“Moms are always (sic) gonna be your biggest cheerleader,” one viewer said.

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