Janice McGeachin torn again by Idaho News Media

I would have told him there were better investments when it came to his time. Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin is giving more fodder to the liberal media. This happened after she addressed an alternative to the Conservative Political Action Committee. The America First Political Action Conference is an escape splinter group banned from attending CPAC. It seems to have been run by a guy named Nick Fuentes. Wikipedia describes it as a little provocative.

He is also described as a Holocaust denier, but claims he was facetious when he made the remarks that landed him in media hot water. AFPAC has been portrayed by mainstream corporate media as a white supremacist organization. This may just be the usual liberal hyperbole. Fuentes believes that same-sex marriage and homosexuality are deviant. He has mainstream Christian views on the practice, which may be what really angers the left.

Mystified by McGeachin’s strategy

As for McGeachin, I have no idea who told him it would be a good idea. His remarks were recorded. She was not at the event. Over the weekend, she was busy on the Lincoln Day circuit in Idaho.

There may be members of his base who are in no way bothered by his remarks at the rally in Florida. The problem is that, in a crowded primary, she needs a few votes from elsewhere. Its defenders may yell that other voters just don’t know what the score is, but yelling at them isn’t exactly good political strategy.

I would have thought that with less than three months until Primary day, she would have weeded out the goons from her campaign apparatus. His learning curve seems to be very steep.

A wasted opportunity

There was a time when I thought she had the best chance of dethroning Brad Little but I have long since banished that thought in exasperation.

However, the mainstream media is clearly not innocent. These are the people who coined the phrase mostly peaceful protest while their Marxist allies burned and looted the cities. Culturally, Janice McGeachin is a politician in a land overflown. Viruses in newsrooms plague every corner of the country. She talked to people polite society doesn’t like. The news media is a front for anarchy and, frankly, the enemy of all that is good in America.

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