Jen Psaki Arrests Fox News Reporter Over Florida’s ‘Heartbreaking’ ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Law

On Monday, White House press secretary Jen Psaki slapped Fox News reporter Peter Doocy when she asked if he could name a sex ed program at a Florida kindergarten that would justify the state’s new “Don’t Say Gay” law.

Doocy had lobbied Psaki over the Biden administration’s opposition to the highly controversial law, which bans discussion of gender identification and sexual orientation in kindergarten through third grade classrooms.

In a particular question, Doocy asked, “Does the White House support this kind of classroom teaching before Kindergarten?”

PSAki fired back, “Do you have any examples of schools in Florida teaching preschoolers about sex ed?”

“I’m just asking the president’s opinion…” Doocy started to answer.

PSAKI: “I think it’s a valid question” because the law is nothing more than a “politically charged and harsh law that puts LGBTQ+ parents and children in a very difficult and heartbreaking situation”.

She said the White House believes the law is a reflection of “Florida politicians spreading hateful, misinformed policies that do absolutely nothing to address the real issues.”

PSAKI responded that the US Department of Education was considering next steps, including possible action against the measure for violating federal civil rights law.

Several LGBTQ and family advocacy groups filed a joint federal lawsuit against the law Thursday, arguing that it is unconstitutional and has already begun to harm children and families.

But the law could be far more universal than many initially imagined.

Florida law, in fact, does not do not mention the word “gay” in the text in a feeble effort to circumvent the Constitution. And since it now prohibits discussing issues of gender identity and sexual orientation in the lower classes, the law could be persuasively understood as applying to everything sexual orientation and gender.

A satirical letter circulating among Florida teachers now suggests referring to all students as “them” and “them” to avoid risky “gendered pronouns” like “he” and “she.” Also “M.” and “Mrs”. should be eliminated for teachers, according to the letter.

Twitter wags responding to the letter also raised other questions: Should the words “boys” and “girls” be eliminated from school toilets? What happens to “female” and “male” sports teams? “If ‘Heather Has Two Moms’ can’t be read in class, then books like ‘Fun with Dick and Jane’ (and their presumably heterosexual parents) should also be banned, critics noted.