Media react to Dinesh D’Souza’s claim that ‘2000 mules’ have been taken down

Former President Donald Trump’s Defense Secretary Mark Esper has appeared on “Fox News Special Reportwith Bret Bayer to promote his new book “A Sacred Oath”.

During the interview, he explained that Trump was a threat to democracy, saying in his book that the former president suggested that protesters be shot in the legs. Accordingly, Baier asked Esper, “Do you think Donald Trump was a threat to democracy?”

“I think given the events of January 6, given the way he undermined the election results, he enticed people to come to DC, agitated them that morning and didn’t cancel them. To me, that threatens our democracy,” Esper replied.

However, Baier pressed the former defense secretary to indicate whether or not since he did not give a definitive answer. “Then yes?” Bayer asked. Leading to Esper pushing back and saying, “What else can you conclude, Bret?” Hope replied

Esper also added that he hopes Trump does not run for office in 2024 as it appears he wants a return to the White House.

“I hope the Republican base can understand that President Trump pushed a lot of traditional Republican ideas,” Esper said.

“There are other candidates who could come forward who could do so without dividing the people, without creating such tension in the country, and doing so by broadening the base as well.”