NBC News reporter Kevin Tibbles announces retirement

NBC News correspondent Kevin Tibbles has announced his retirement from the company. During Thursday’s edition of “NBC Nightly News,” the show aired a special tribute to honor his long career with the network.

“Kevin, so many of us are looking forward to your stories that remind us of all the good and good people,” Lester Holt told Tibbles. “On behalf of your colleagues and our viewers, thank you for your storytelling and for your integrity and for lifting us up every night.”

Tibbles has worked for NBC News since 1995 and has been based in Chicago for 20 years. However, before that, he spent time in various war zones in Iraq, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Rwanda, Kosovo and beyond.

Prior to joining NBC News, Tibbles spent 15 years as a national correspondent for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), where he covered the fall of the Berlin Wall and the first Gulf War.

“Lester, it’s been an honor, obviously, so many experiences, so many people, and I’ve traveled around the world and across this country – north to south, east to west,” Tibbles said. .

“It’s been a blessing working for you, working for NBC News. I have nothing but friends, and it’s been great to tell stories of ordinary, everyday people to the rest of the nation.