Russian ‘fake news’ media tries to infiltrate Republican Party convention in New York

As New York Republicans gather on Long Island to nominate candidates for the upcoming 2022 election, the good work of NYGOP’s press operations has led to the identification and removal of a Russian-American TV channel .

The television network, NTV, attempted to obtain media credentials for the three-day convention without telling the party leadership who they were. When asked to identify the station and company they worked for, they eventually confessed that they were a media company entirely dependent on and supportive of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Putin is now in his second week of invading Ukraine, and NY GOP Chairman Nick Langworthy has said they don’t want any of the pro-Putin propaganda to “infiltrate our convention.”

“Republicans in New York proudly stand with the people of Ukraine and will not allow our convention to be used as a propaganda tool for Putin,” he said.

No reason has been determined why NTV wanted to attend the NYGOP convention.

n August 2014, NTV aired a documentary titled 13 friends of the juntawho called critics of Russian policy in Ukraine “traitors” and supporters of “fascists”

Netflix refused to broadcast NTV productions.