SCHUYLER — On Thursday night, Schuyler celebrated Earth Day with its annual Clean Up Your Neighborhood event.

“Helping, doing this type of activity, helps unify the people of Schuyler,” said Luis Lucar of the Heartland Workers.

The event has been around since 1999, started in part by Raymond E. Ladwig, president of Keep Schuyler Beautiful.

“The landfills fill up pretty fast like that,” Ladwig said.

He estimates that they collect about three full dumpsters a year. But, he knew that this year would see a much bigger result this year because they have more volunteers and fewer people in quarantine.

“The cheerleaders are coming, the honor society is coming, here’s a church group that’s here right now,” Ladwig said.

Paul Eherenberger, candidate for county commissioner of Colfax County District 3, also volunteered.

“My slogan is action, not alibis, so I’m mobilizing and doing action,” Ehrenberger said.

According to, only 23% of disposable water bottles are recycled…and plastic bags can take up to 1,000 years to decompose. That’s why Schuyler hopes the event will have an impact — and not just for this week. The volunteers said they hoped people would continue picking up trash anywhere, every day.

“I think it should be a spirit that becomes a culture just as we walk around, we might pick things up,” Ehrenberger said.