Sky News reporter shot in the back while reporting in Kyiv

A team of Sky News reporters came under fire while reporting in Kyiv this week – a reporter and a cameraman were both hit by bullets.

The team, who were in a car, were reporting on the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine when they heard gunfire, shortly before the car was peppered with gunfire.

In shocking footage, bullets rain down on the car, causing the windshield to shatter – amid the chaos, the team shout at the shooters that they are journalists.

Chief correspondent Stuart Ramsay was hit in the lower back by a bullet, while cameraman Richie Mockler was hit twice – fortunately the shots were stopped by his body armor.

Speaking of the attack, Ramsay said: “The first hit cracked the windshield…Camera operator Richie Mockler ducked into the front passenger floorboard. Then we were in full attack.

“Bullets cascaded throughout the car… the steering wheel and dashboard had disintegrated. I remember wondering if my death was going to be painful.

He continued, “Richie was yelling at me, but I don’t really remember much.

“I remember wondering if my death was going to be painful.

“And then I got hit in the lower back. ‘I got hit!’ I screamed.”

Credit: Sky News

Incredibly, Ramsay said the shot “didn’t hurt that bad” and he was still able to get out of the car and run towards him.

Fortunately, the entire team was able to flee the vehicle and run to a nearby factory to safety, only to be rescued later by Ukrainian police.

Ramsay said the team was later informed that they had been “ambushed by a sabotaging Russian reconnaissance team”. He added: “It was professional, the bullets kept crashing into the car – they didn’t miss.”

He also credited his protective gear with saving his life, explaining, “My armor and helmet almost certainly saved me.”

The team is now safely back in the UK.

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