Sky News reporter shouting out Tory best is the best 60 seconds of TV you’ll see today

Sky News deputy political editor, Sam Coatsis going viral for shouting questions at Tories about recent Partygate revelations – and the video is brilliant.

According to BBC.

The new information comes six months after the first allegations, which Prime Minister Boris Johnson has denied and promised to investigate.

Johnson and Rishi Sunak were fined in March for attending an event in June 2020.

Tuesday, the video of Coates was shared on Twitter showing the reporter standing outside Downing Street waiting for Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his cabinet to enter.

“Did you lie to the Prime Minister’s mail box?” Coates yelled at Johnson. “Why did you try to prevent Sue Gray from publishing her Prime Minister’s report? »

“Is Partygate embarrassing on the world stage, Foreign Secretary?” Coates asked Liz Truss. “Are you loyal to save your job? Do you think a future prime minister would make you a foreign minister?”

Coates yelled similar things at other cabinet members.

“Has Boris Johnson lied to the dispatch box, Nadhim Zahawi? Or would you rather succeed him as Prime Minister?”

“Does Partygate improve the reputation of this government internationally, Oliver Dowden?”

“Are you proud of this government, Sajid Javid? Are you proud of what’s going on inside the building you just walked out of?”

“Did you discuss Partygate at the Deputy Prime Minister’s Office?” Coates asked Dominic Raab

“Did you talk about Partygate in cabinet or is it easier to hear nothing and see nothing?” Coates asked Anne-Marie Trevelyan, to which the cabinet member replied, “many important topics to discuss.”

Few instances of MPs refusing to answer Partygate-related questions have emerged in recent months, including Boris Johnson and Gillian Keegan.

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