TVU Networks offers a free stream of Ukraine’s new United 24/7 news channel

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.—TVU Networks offers a free, 24/7 live stream of Ukrainian news media through TVU Search, the company’s AI-based search engine from live broadcasts, he said today.

Ukraine content is immediately available and can be viewed in line. TVU customers can use live and downloaded live content and distribute it through other platforms. Viewing the content is free for non-TVU customers, the company said.

Ukrainian media companies are working together to broadcast a single newscast called “United News”. It provides round-the-clock news and information, including live, real-time reporting to Ukrainian citizens and the world on developments in the war with Russia. Ukraine’s four largest media groups, including 1+1 media, StarLightMedia, Media Group Ukraine and Inter Media Group, contribute content and collaborate on the ad hoc channel.

Media groups take turns to provide uninterrupted information on the conflict. Others joining the show include the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Security and Defense Council, the Office of the President of Ukraine and other government agencies, TVU Networks said.

More information is available about the company website.