Video of mother waving to journalist son on camera in US goes viral

The wholesome moment a mother interrupts her son at work in the United States has gone viral.

ABC 6/FOX 28 reporter Myles Harris was standing on the side of the road for an on-camera report when he recognized a passing car.

Her mother, Sandi, stopped by to say hello and the exchange was recorded by cameraman DeAngelo Byrd.


Harris: “It’s my mother, wait.”

Mom: “Hi baby!”

Harris: “I’m trying to work right now, you call me. It’s DeAngelo, you can say hi.”

Mom: “Hi DeAngelo!”

Harris: “And don’t block traffic because you have cars behind you.”

Mom: “Good.” [blows a kiss and drives off]

Harris: [Turns back to the camera] “Did you record that?!”

The video, which was shot in Columbus, Ohio, has received thousands of likes and comments since it was posted on social media by Harris and the news channel.

It sparked almost universal appreciation for Sandi’s affectionate display.

“Oh, she’s so proud of you! Makes my day — and I bet it made hers too!” tweeted Bogost Abbey.

“I can just HEAR it in his voice” THIS IS MY SON. THIS IS MY SON MAKING A REPORT!!!”, tweeted tanguay_AZ.

“As a journalist and a mom, I love this so much! This is what you get for not answering Sandi’s calls,” Jennifer Palumbo tweeted.