Viewers worried about Sky News reporter filming on the seafront during Storm Eunice

A Sky News reporter tried to deliver a weather report on Storm Eunice while ironically being battered by waves as people in affected areas were told to stay indoors.

Ashna Hurynag tried to work with the situation presented to her as the camera operator wiped the lens during the live-on-camera play.

Now viewers have expressed concern for her as she spoke about the ‘life threatening’ weather warning and did the complete opposite.

Ashna told the camera, “We’re really windblown, but great television.”

She added: “The advice really is to stay indoors and not risk coming to places like this.”

Credit: Sky News

Taking to Twitter, one viewer wrote: “This is ridiculous. There are so many ways to report this without someone being on the seafront in a red warning zone. What part of the danger for life is not clear?”

Another added: “@SkyNews why endanger your employees unnecessarily???? It’s irresponsible and dangerous. The sea is unpredictable and your employees don’t need to be exposed to it for ‘good TV’. “

A third commented: ‘This is ridiculous and dangerous LOTS of warnings to stay off the coast don’t travel! You don’t need to be ON SITE to report this!’

For anyone concerned, Ashna posted a photo of herself and Sky News cameraman Phil Hooper. Alongside the snap, she wrote, “Windy, wet but still smiling with @skyflexiphil! We’re safe too & had a cup of tea – thanks for your well wishes.”

Commenting on the post, someone said: “Come back to Porthcawl on a sunny day. You deserve a few shifts in the studio after being on the front line to experience this.”

Storm Eunice has brought powerful winds and major disruption to much of the UK with stay-at-home warnings currently in place for the worst affected areas.

Credit: Sky News
Credit: Sky News

The Environment Agency has also urged weather watchers and amateur photographers to resist the temptation to try to capture dramatic images of the impact of Storm Eunice.

Emergency services and the Met Office warned people to stay home while Boris Johnson said: ‘We must all follow advice and take precautions to stay safe.

LADbible has contacted Sky News for comment.