13 Till Halloween: Scientifically the scariest game ever #MADiSON #Trailer #GamingNews

We’re counting down to Halloween. Today, scientifically speaking, the scariest game is MADiSON. According to The Science Of Scare Project, this game from Perp Games and Bloodious Games beats horror classics such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill.

According to a study, MADiSON is the most scientifically scary video game ever created. How is it judged, you ask? The average heart rate while reading was a staggering 97 BPM, peaking at 131 BPM. These are also the average heart rates of people in real life having panic attacks according to google. Jump scares are nothing new to gaming and neither is horror, so for a game to blow off such a fact, this genre is something special.

The game takes place in a large house, where the player takes control of Luca, a 16-year-old boy who receives an instant camera for his 16th birthday. Said camera belonged to a serial killer 30 years earlier, and it is through her that she will contact the young man to put an end to a macabre ritual.

If you’re looking for one hell of a scare this Halloween, you can check out the game on Nintendo Switch eShop or PlayStation Store, both versions are discounted until November 2.