Actress Nishi Singh struggled with poverty before her death

Actress Nishi Singh struggled with poverty: Husband sought help from people to meet expenses of illness, says – all lost in treatment

Actress Nishi Singh Bhadli, who was part of famous TV shows like Qubool Hai and Ishqbaaz, said goodbye to the world on Sunday. The actress was ill from the previous move, during which she also had two paralytic attacks. The age of the actress was only 48 years old, the actress celebrated her birthday on September 16, two days before her death. We’d be surprised to see Nishi in the birthday photo. Nishi struggled with extreme poverty before his death. So much so that two years ago, Nishi’s husband, Sanjay Singh, also sought help from people for his treatment, but Nishi could not be saved.
Nishi had been ill for a long time. In a conversation with E-Times, Nishi’s husband, Sanjay Singh, said that in 2019 he had a paralytic attack, due to which he was hospitalized for 7-8 days. Meanwhile, Nishi couldn’t even recognize anyone. After a while, she slowly started to recover, and then she was taken home. This year again, he had an attack of paralysis, after which the left side of his body was completely paralyzed. Because of this, he began to need an assistant for every job. During the treatment, Nishi’s husband quit his job, and the girl’s education was also missed. Gradually, his financial situation also began to deteriorate. Meanwhile, Nishi’s husband sought financial help from people.
I said that many industry friends helped him financially. These include the names of Ramesh Taurani, Gul Khan, Surbhi Chandna and CINTAA. Despite this, Nishi could not be saved. Let us tell you that Nishi was one of the famous actresses in the TV industry, but due to illness her career was cut short. After leaving work, the financial situation of the actress and her family deteriorated. Let us tell you that Nishi had been in shows like Ishqbaaz, Kabul Hai, Tenali Rama and Hitler Didi.
Sanjay said in a chat with E-Times that Nishi demanded to eat laddus before he died. At this time, his health was improving. By evening, Nishi’s health once again began to deteriorate rapidly, and her infection rose to over 60,000. The actress died on September 18 after four years of paralyzed travel.

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