Black News Channel is about to be acquired by Byron Allen’s company

Princell Hair, who ran Black News Channel under Khan, told The Atlanta Journal Constitution in 2021 that he planned to move his headquarters to Atlanta. A spokesperson for Allen’s company on Monday declined to comment on where the Black News channel will be based once it takes over.

Allen spoke to CableFax about the purchase, saying the network failed in part because cable companies like Comcast, Charter and Verizon refused to give Black News Channel “sub-fees,” which are awarded to more popular cable channels like TBS, ESPN and USA Network. . Newer cable networks usually don’t get that much money until they’ve generated enough viewership. The Black News Channel’s ratings were tiny, although they rose during the Derek Chauvin trial.

“If you really want something to succeed and you don’t want to find it bankrupt, and they’re slipping 300 black journalists, yes, there should have been sub-charges,” Allen told CableFax. “That’s the reason I’ve already sued the cable industry for $40 billion. Are you serious? You’re going to pay between $1 and $2 [per subscriber] for other cable networks, but zero for the Black News Channel?

He was also disappointed that the advertising community failed to bolster the network. Non-direct response ad dollars, he said, were less than $2 million for its last 12 months of operation.