BoxPop® replicates Harry’s house – RIVER COUNTRY

Britten’s team started with a single 20ft container as a model for this set design. A floor door was cut out and fitted the full length of the container, allowing the entire interior to be seen and used. Next, a finished partition was framed in the center of the container, creating two juxtaposed sets that could be viewed simultaneously. On the right was a finished bedroom scene, with moody navy floral wallpaper, accent wall capped in clean white, with flooring installed. This bedroom set was then staged with furniture to complement the aesthetic and cozy retro-inspired interior. The left side was a real sight. Taking direct inspiration from the Harry’s House album cover, the team recreated an inverted living room scene. Complete with fully carpet ceiling featuring a lounge chair, mid-century modern sofa, and side table with upside-down lamp, the result was an earth-shattering experience that paid close homage to the album cover. Accented with a groovy, amorphous mix of vibrant sherbet oranges, candy reds and bubblegum pinks, the exterior of the container was befitting of the edgy ’70s-inspired blended palette and Harry Styles aesthetic. -same.