Commissioners hold another quick meeting – Akron News-Reporter

The Washington County Board of Commissioners convened on Tuesday, Nov. 1, in another short meeting. Pastor Rich Moon of Akron Foursquare Church began with a prayer, which was followed by the “Pledge of Allegiance.” President Kent Vance called the meeting to order and no one was present for public comment.

County Administrator Misty Peterson began with her reports. The first was the 22-33 building permit for John McMurphy of Otis for a solar panel for a television system. The permit has been approved. A second planning permission, 22-34, for a solar panel for a television system for Janet Selden of Lindon has been approved.

The board reviewed resolution 83-2022 to opt out of FAMLI with the district attorney, but no action was taken. The council then approved the purchase of capital assets for the grill guards in the amount of $2,289.35 for the sheriff’s office.

The board signed a conflict of interest waiver with Yuma County for an issue with the 911 operation. This gives the attorney the right to work for both counties. The board then learned that Danny Rogers had resigned as District 1 Supervisor. The board will include incoming commissioner Gisele Jefferson to conduct interviews with those who applied Nov. 14. The board reviewed a job description for veterans and four people expressed interest in the position. The job description will be published.

The meeting was then adjourned until 9:30 a.m., when an executive session was held to conference with the county attorney to receive legal advice on specific legal issues applicable to the Xcel electric lane applications.