Former Fox News reporter James Rosen joins Newsmax, Emerald Robinson Out

Newsmax on Tuesday announced the hiring of former Fox News reporter James Rosen as the pro-Trump network’s new chief White House correspondent, replacing Emerald Robinson, the reporter who pushed a conspiracy theory. crazy that the COVID-19 vaccine contains a satanic marker.

The Daily Beast reported last month that Rosen was in negotiations with Newsmax as the channel sought to expand its news operation and move away from exaggerated and fringe content. Before Newsmax finally made the deal with Rosen, the network tapped two longtime Fox News “direct news” producers to serve as the channel’s news director and vice president of talent.

“James Rosen is not only a journalist, but also a great thinker and author who can bring complex issues to a television screen and explain them in a clear and understandable way,” said Chris Ruddy, CEO of Newsmax, in a communicated. “We are happy and proud to have him as a key part of our growing press team.”

The former Fox News star apparently replaces Robinson, who was taken off the air as a White House correspondent after pushing the satanic COVID conspiracy last month. Robinson’s nonsensical claims that coronavirus vaccines contained “bioluminescent” devil-related tracking devices also resulted in his permanent ban from Twitter.

In a report On Tuesday, Newsmax acknowledged what had been apparent for weeks now: Robinson is out. “Emerald is still with Newsmax, but his contract ends in January and we will not be renewing him,” the network wrote. “We appreciate the work she has done on-air for the network.”

Rosen, who joins Newsmax from conservative local news giant Sinclair Broadcasting, comes with her own set of personal baggage. After leaving Fox News in 2017, It has been reported that his departure came amid a series of complaints of sexual misconduct. In addition to allegedly groping young female journalists, Rosen has also been accused of retaliating against those who rejected his alleged advances.

Newsmax has seen some upheaval in recent weeks. In addition to hiring former Fox News reporters and producers and dropping conspiratorial Robinson, the network just parted ways with primetime host and former Trump adviser Steve Cortes amid his public criticism. of the network’s vaccination policy.