Kari Lake’s promise to be the ‘nightmare’ of the news media is actually a giveaway

During her gubernatorial campaign, which Republican Kari Lake seemed to base almost entirely on nasty and ill-informed accusations, name-calling, lies about voter fraud, threats and debunked conspiracy theories, she may -be saved the most ridiculous comment for Election Day.

After casting her vote, the former local TV presenter told a reporter who asked if she would consider becoming former President Donald Trump’s running mate in 2024 if he asked, “I won’t just be governor of the Arizona for four years. I will do two terms. I’ll be your worst nightmare for eight years … .”

Apparently, over 20 years of sitting behind a desk in a studio, reading from a teleprompter, hasn’t taught Lake anything about current events.

Monsters, demons and “fake news”, oh my

As she led her statewide revenge and vitriol tour, Lake called members of the media ‘fake news’, ‘propagandists’, ‘monsters’ and even ‘the devil’s right hand’. . Among others.

This is the kind of contempt, mockery and insolence to which any committed, competent and self-respecting journalist would react with… gratitude.

Politicians like Lake — and like many others in Arizona holding elected office — can be a nightmare for their constituents and their communities, but for journalists, they are the gift that keeps on giving.

You’d think Lake could have figured this out from reading scripts in front of a camera, or maybe even from the exposure he’s received all these years from his guru, his guiding light, his dear leader, his Svengali – Donald Trump.

The reason Kari Lake got so much coverage

She might even have figured it out by acknowledging the degree of coverage, both locally and nationally, that her own campaign received.

I have been in the news for a very long time and I can tell you that it is infinitely more difficult to cover a politician who has intelligence and expertise than one who is ignorant.

Aptitude is more difficult to report than incompetence.

Courtesy is more difficult to emphasize than disrespect.

Instead, we greet scorn with gratitude

Journalists are also citizens, of course. And as citizens, who have the same interest as our neighbors in the prosperity and good management of our government, we aspire to and welcome elected officials with honor, integrity and common sense.

Even knowing such people tends to make our job more difficult.

I can’t tell what kind of reaction Kari Lake was expecting from venomous journalists promising “to be your worst nightmare in eight years…”.

But I guess she’d be surprised at what I think is the almost universal answer:


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