Slama emphasizes safety for harvest season – RIVER COUNTRY

Football Husker and Harvest Season

In Nebraska, the sun shines brightly on glorious autumn days. The fall season is filled with several important “seasons,” especially for Nebraska State: harvest and Husker football, but perhaps not so much after the loss to Northwestern in Dublin. Nebraska farmers are ending a dry growing season and racing against time to harvest before winter. Saturday mornings this time of year are filled with energy as Nebraskans roll in combines and trucks through fields with Husker football on the radio.

Nebraska’s economy is based on agriculture. One in four jobs (25%) in our state is directly related to agriculture. Every dollar of agricultural exports generates $1.03 of additional economic activity such as transport, financing, storage and production. In 2020, Nebraska’s $7.1 billion in agricultural exports translated into $7.4 billion in economic activity. In 2022, 44.8 million acres of our state are part of a farming operation, including farming and ranching. This area is larger than the entire state of Wisconsin! In addition, agriculture adds more than $21 billion to the economy each year, or 20% of the overall economy.

Seasonal changes also bring changes on the road. Rural communities will share the road with more farm equipment over the coming weeks. Remember to share roads with slow equipment. It only takes five seconds for a car traveling at 55 mph to close a distance of a football field on a slow moving vehicle. Read signs, slow down and take extra care this time of year, especially on dusty gravel roads.

When you get impatient behind slow equipment, remember that our farmers work hard not only to boost the state’s economy, but to feed the nation. It is currently the busiest time of year for our farmers and their families. If you see a farmer or their family at this time of year, please offer a kind word of gratitude. Their work supports the economy, schools and the future of our state.

Go Big Red, and God bless our farmers.

Final note: Don’t despair, Husker fans. Nebraska volleyball is undefeated at the time of this writing and ranked No. 1 in the nation.

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