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Stefani Gurzanski is one of many hot and seductive models who are gaining massive recognition around the world, thanks to the power of social media.

Over the past decade, Instagram has become an open profile for models. Many models are selected by many brands based on the captivating clicks they post online. Stephani Gurzanski is also able to gather an abundant admirer.

Instagram and other social media platforms allow fans to learn more and connect with their favorite stars, actors, models, singers and celebrities. It has fueled people’s curiosity to know all about their beloved celebrities.

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Biography of Stefanie Gurzanski



Stefanie Gurzanski is a social media star, Instagrammer, model, and influencer. The Canadian fashionista was born on December 17, 1994 in Toronto, Canada.

She was born and raised in Canada in a Christian family. When she was a teenager, she developed an interest in modeling and photography. Since then, she has worked hard to enter the modeling world. Well, it’s not an easy task, but her good looks have surely made it easy for her to break through barriers.

She got a lot of recognition because of the snaps and clicks she posts online. Since childhood, she always knew what she wanted to become.

Stefani created her insta account with the aim of supporting her modeling career and gaining recognition around the world. While living in the age of social media, what else would have been more beneficial than Instagram. She started posting her photos on Instagram on May 14, 2016.

Name: Stefanie Gurzanski

Birthday: December 17, 1994

Place of Origin: Toronto, Canada

Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Green

Skin color: Ivory with a warm undertone

Profession: Influencer and model on social networks

Height: 5.5 feet

Weight: 113 pounds

Age: twenty-eight

Private life


The Canadian national was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. She received her early education in Ontario, a large province in central Canada. She completed high school in Ontario.

When she was a teenager, she set her vision to become a successful role model in her future. This clarity of her purpose in life made her decide to quit higher education in order to pursue a profession in modeling.

From there, she began grooming herself to modeling industry standards. She is a Christian by religion.

Although she is very active on social media and keeps her admirers engaged and informed about her life, she is able to keep her family out of the public eye. She is very open and generally promotes her profession, but little is known about her personal life and family.

Professional career

The twenty-eight-year-old model started her career at a young age. She used to post her clicks on social media platforms first to get the attention of the public.

Over the years, she managed to rise to the top. Stephanie has not only paved her way in the modeling world, but she is also working hard to get her art recognized with the help of social media.

Stephanie Gurzanski does not only work for clothing brands, but she only works for many designers, makeup brands, magazines and drinks.

The model has worked with world famous brands like Coca-Cola, Sephora and Channel. She has been featured in a number of magazines like Maxim Mexico, The Vogue Ukraine, Forte Lauderdale, Cosmopolitan MX, Now and PlayBoy.

Physical Parameters


Stefanie Gurzanski weighs around 113 pounds or 51 kilograms. While she has a height of 5.5 feet or 167 centimeters. The model has worked hard to stay active.

Even at twenty-seven, she looks like she was in her early twenties. She has flawless skin which she usually flaunts in her Instagram posts. She has risen to the heights of fame since her first Instagram post in May 2016.


Stefanie Gurzanski has collaborated with a number of world famous brands. She gets paid an impressive amount of money for meddling with such brands as Sephora, Channel and Vogue. Apart from her modeling career, she is also active on Instagram.

Many brands also approach her to promote their products, including clothing, sportswear, makeup, and skincare.

She has around 1.9 million followers on Instagram. She also has an account on Only Fan which is an online application where people have to pay for content that has been uploaded by creators.

With the exception of modeling, it is also a major source of income for the Canadian model. His net worth is around $450,000. Her career has flourished a lot in recent years and she has gained worldwide recognition.


Is Stefanie Gurzanski married?

No, Stefanie Gurzanski is not married. Currently, she is not in a relationship. Although she is quite open when it comes to her love life. But after her latest breakup, there are no updates on her personal life.

The year before, she seemed to be more dedicated and involved in her profession. She has worked for several brands and appeared on the covers of many magazines.



Stefanie Gurzanski is a prominent model, instagram, influencer and content creator. She posts many videos and photos on Instagram, only fans, and ICT Tac. She poses for many brands and magazines.

The model enjoys filming, making dance videos and traveling. With 1.9 million followers, the model sets the Thames on fire.

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