TBN launches new show with former Fox News reporter Doug McKelway

The BBC was one of first media to leave Russia following the country’s new censorship laws, noting that journalists and individuals in the country can be jailed for up to 15 years if they report “false” information about what is happening in Ukraine.

However, despite a new censorship law, the English news channel is now doing an about-face by resuming its English reporting. The BBC noted an “urgent need to report from inside Russia”, but did not specify how journalists would attempt to maneuver the Russian edict.

“We have considered the implications of the new legislation alongside the urgent need to report from within Russia,” the BBC said in a statement, per packaging.

“After careful consideration, we have decided to resume English reporting from Russia tonight (Tuesday, March 8), after it was temporarily suspended at the end of last week.”

The BBC went on to say it would rely heavily on the strict editorial standards, but did not explain the criteria to ensure the safety of those reporting in Russia.

“We will tell this crucial part of the story independently and impartially, adhering to the BBC’s strict editorial standards,” the statement added. “The safety of our personnel in Russia remains our number one priority.”