The FBI is armed after the raid of a former ABC news producer

Media coverage of the missing former ABC News producer whose home was allegedly raided by the FBI in April is limited.

Nationally syndicated radio host Glenn Beck said on Thursday that in his 45 years of broadcasting he had never come across a story as alarming as that of James Meek.

According to Rolling Stone, Meeks’ apartment in Arlington, Va., was raided and Friends told the outlet they had not seen him since.

“The madness must stop!” Beck exclaimed. “We have to end it on November 8. I don’t watch mainstream media anymore, so I don’t know what everyone is saying. I don’t listen to other radio talk shows, I don’t listen to anything. So I don’t know what warnings you get elsewhere.

Beck said he believed the FBI had been armed by the Biden administration and warned it could target American journalists.

“If you don’t hear an urgent warning about the loss of your country, our Bill of Rights, your liberty and your economic freedom, you are listening to the wrong people.”

Beck said Meek’s story was “fuzzy” and added that Rolling Stone magazine tried to follow up on reactions from some of Meeks’ former colleagues who declined to comment.

The Emmy-winning producer abruptly quit the network a few months ago.

According to New York Postthe magazine cited “sources familiar with the matter” as saying federal agents found classified information on Meek’s laptop.