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Earlier this week, new CNN President Chris Licht made his first on-air talent hires, naming former NYPD spokesman and CBS News correspondent John Miller as the network’s chief law enforcement and intelligence analyst. During his Countdown with Keith Olbermann podcast on Thursday, the host said hiring Miller should “set your hair on fire.”

“I knew this John Miller, who Chris Licht just hired as CNN’s new chief law enforcement and intelligence analyst for 44 years. He had the kind of career you probably think of if ever you think about my career,” Olbermann said before listing Miller’s saves during his media career.

“When he started as a reporter at Channel 5 in New York – just when we were all converting to color television – I was an intern at the assignment desk. I swear, I’ve known him since 1978. In fact , I phoned John Miller for some of his stories in 1978, when I didn’t need to shave more than once a week, and his act was the same in 1978 as it was in 2022. C He was a jock-sniffer cop. He was the teenager at home in New Jersey with the police scanner x-rays who then showed up at the crime scene.

Olbermann went on to detail the controversy surrounding Miller, including her involvement in the NYPD’s skepticism of a 1994 rape victim, saying she wanted to advertise a gay and lesbian rally. Miller was then forced to apologize. He is also accused of lying to the New York City Council in March this year after he said there was no evidence the NYPD spied on the city’s Muslim communities after 9/11.

“John Miller – Chris Licht’s first hire – CNN’s new chief law enforcement and intelligence analyst and cop apologist was so wrong, so offensive, so Islamophobic that New York City Mayor Eric Adams, himself an ex-cop, publicly contradicted John Miller and apologized and said “What we did was wrong”.

Olbermann’s comments about Miller came after he said he thought Licht was “eating glue” while the pair worked together at MSNBC.