Tina Dutta’s mom got mad at Sumbul’s dad

Tina Dutta’s mum got mad at Sumbul’s dad: She was heard on national TV for abusing her daughter, shared the video and asked – who gave you the right

In the latest episode of the controversial show Bigg Boss 16, Sumbul Tauqeer Khan’s father, Tauqeer Hasan, spoke to Sumbul on the phone in the confession room taking the name of the disease and asking Shaleen and Tina Dutta to show their status. Moreover, Sumbul’s father also abused Tina Dutta. People are very angry after hearing his statement on national television. Now, Tina Dutta’s mother has expressed her displeasure with this statement from Sumbul’s father.
Tina Dutta is currently in Bigg Boss’ house. Her mother shared a video on her Instagram account. In this video, she says: “Namaste, I am the mother of Tina Dutta, I did not have the opportunity that the parents of the other contestants had”. That’s why I want to talk to you today, abusing my daughter on national television, her father said kick her in the face, what are those words, who gave them the right to say all that? Who are you, my mother? Those who abuse the daughter, if your daughter is bad, it does not mean that you will abuse my daughter. Is it the parents’ duty? Tina’s mother continued to cry and said, “You only think how badly a mother must feel, about the daughter of whom such a false and dirty word was uttered on national television.
Shaleen’s father also gave his reaction after hearing Sumbul’s father’s statement. He said do people talk like that on national television? Making false remarks against other candidates is extremely despicable and shocking. Sumbul is an adult. Either you shouldn’t have sent them on the show, or if you did, no outside advice should be allowed.

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