With 2.5 million viewers, “Gutfeld! from Fox News Channel! Beats every late night TV show

Something is happening late at night. Tuesday Night, Fox News Channel Gutfeld! delivered a total viewership of 2.5 million viewers, a staggering audience for a late-night cable show and the second-biggest night in the history of Greg Gutfeld’s political-comedy program.

With 2.494 million total viewers and 396,000 viewers in the key demographic of adults aged 25-54, Gutfeld! beat not only everything else on cable, but also late-night shows from top-tier broadcast networks. CBS’ The Late Show with Stephen Colbert was a close second with 2.1 million viewers and 375,000 viewers in the key demo, followed by NBC The show tonight (1.289 million viewers and 318,000 in the demo), and ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel live (1.285 million total viewers and 287,000 viewers in the key demo).

Compared to late night shows on cable news, Gutfeld! was even more dominant, with MSNBC The 11th hour with Stephanie Ruhle coming closest, delivering a total viewership of 953,000 viewers and 94,000 viewers in the key demo. On CNN, CNN tonight only garnered 412,000 total viewers, but did better in the demo, beating MSNBC with 101,000 viewers. Comedy Central The daily show had a total viewership of 443,000 viewers and 182,000 viewers in the key demo.

In an interview with Gutfeld! executive producer Tom O’Connor in September, I asked him what he thought drew an audience to Fox News late at night. “Part of that was because the audience really connected with some of the new guests we introduced them to, but they also got to see some FNC stars let loose for an hour,” I said. he said.

For his part, Gutfeld stuck to what he did for several years as a late-night and regular fixture on Fox News Channel. The five: bring an edge to otherwise serious discussions of current affairs and politics. “Viewers become fans when you reverse the media’s shared assumptions about the world and align yourself with your audience in real terms,” ​​Gutfeld told me in a 2019 interview. “I think that’s been the variable key to Fox News Channel’s success… also, I’m incredibly handsome.